August 5, 2013

Ramadhan Almost End :')

              Many people with their ambition, to be a proud person. To achieve a huge succeed. While, somehow they need to realise that there are many people outside of our mind are hoping only for enough nutrient, enough food-in-need. They didnt asked more.

             Somehow I observe and I see, many of people in Malaysia like to have a lot of food on their tables during berbuka puasa. I dont know what its mean in English translate. Breaking the fast, maybe? Hha. 

            Actually, in where ever we think that we have enough what ever we want, we should and must realize that many people are struggling for life. They sometimes only could have only a bread for the rest of their life. 

             In the way, they entirely underprivileged. Poor, unhealthy and live in a worst condition due to the effect of war that occurs in their country. No offence to the month. For the whole year they need to faced the worst journey. Ramadhan for us are only hunger and thirsty, but for them, it's a sacrification and jihad. 

             I just feel depressed with the actions of some people that they're refused to fast during this good month. I really disappointed with some kind of this action. Why people? Did you guys didnt afraid of Allah swt? Can we us set the time for us to repent?

             How about if God take your life faster than what you guys think? Because we're never know the right time of our death. Subhanallah.

            Just for a reminder, people. For all of you and also me, never make something that can make the God's wrath. Sincerely. Just let us shared the hardship of our relatives, our friends now facing the war in Palestine. The friends that cannot obtain enough nutrient, and cannot have what we have. Please people.

Assalamualaikum :') 

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