December 8, 2013


When I concern, I will really care of someone until they feel uncomfortable.

When you bored, I will come and make you happy. 

When I busy, I never forget about you.

When you need someone listen for your problems, I will to listen.

When you wanted to go somewhere, I always wish you.

When you give something, I appreciate it. 

When people talking bad about you, I'm the one who will protect you.

When you make me disappointed with you, I try to be calm. Keep everything in the deep of my heart, keep silent and run away from you. 

When I make you hurt, I will persuade until you do not sad anymore. 

When you make me jealous of you, I pretend like nothing happened. But it's hurt.

When people say that you like others, I say no! But, i know it's true. 

When I'm alone, I didn't care others but I will wait for your action. Do you ever come to me when I'm alone?

I will do anything for the ones that I love.

I don't really show my kindness, romantic, patient and concern.

I like to show that I'm not a good person, to see did you ever loyal to me. 

When people talking bad about me, and ask you to leave me. I don't know where my mistakes are. But I didn't scold them. I keep silent and be patient.

And when you leave me, I accept it with all of my heart. 

All that I do, I never forget of you.

That's me, Assobirin.  

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